Have You Eaten? Very Easy Homemade Breadsticks (or Rolls!)

We LOVE these breadsticks from the moneysavingmom.com blog.
They are fantastic. Highly recommended. Delicious. Easy. So happy. 

What? No bread machine? Don't let that recipe title stop you! 

Have you ever looked inside one? 
No? Well, here you go. The little paddle goes round and round and doesn't give up, the pan holds everything, and the computer keeps the time. That's it! You can do this. 

I mean, bread machines are awesome, but all they are really doing is giving you confidence as your dough is mixing, kneading, and letting it rise. So that's all you have to provide. :) 

Mixing: Your own bowl, your own spoon (or mixer!), and your own arm. Round and round until you have a blob! 

Kneading: Put a little flour on the clean counter. Pick up your dough, flop it down on the counter with as little or as much force as your day dictates. Fold it in half and mash. Repeat until it's stuck nicely to itself and has gotten a little stretchy. 

Rising: You can grease a bowl with a little olive oil, put in your dough ball, and cover the bowl with a kitchen towel. If your house isn't very warm, you can let it rise in the (TURNED OFF) oven with just the oven light on. If you wait an hour, it should be ready to proceed with the recipe from the part where you take it out of the bread machine! Ta-dah!

Shaping: I liked her method of shaping these breadsticks, but I have been enjoying just making snakes and baking them that way. You can also make balls and suddenly you have so amazingly made homemade rolls! 

Give yourself some mad credit for going over and above! You're suddenly the kind of person who can make homemade bread...oh yes, you are!

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