Mom for the Win!

So...on NPR the other day I read an article about a kid who shoved a Barbie shoe up her nose. The loving parents took her to the ER (because you've gotta get it out, right?) and got the thing taken out with surgical instruments in 60 seconds or less. Then they got a huge bill--that's what the article was about. But in there they discussed what other options these parents later learned they had. One of these is "the mother's kiss": You press the kid's one nostril shut with your finger, seal over their mouth with your mouth (cpr style), and blow. Do this a few times, and your foreign object may just be blown out back into the "grabbing with a tissue" range.
I had occasion to test this out for you today.
If you must know, these two actually we got out with her own blowing; it was a third that had gone into the abyss...which I figured out after she clearly was still feeling tickly in her nose after this first round.
It worked. You're welcome.

The kid was playing with these beads unsupervised. Apparently that was unwise. I thought about calling this "Mom Fails" because that's how I generally feel about it. On reflection, however, I decided to go with "Mom for the Win!" because that's going to make me chuckle. Plus, it's another ridiculous situation we get into that we ultimately get out that's a win.

Even "Good Moms" still fail sometimes. Fail to supervise with extreme precision every single minute. Fail to protect from every possible hazard. Fail to think of every possible scenario the kids might get themselves into. Fail to respond in the absolutely most positive way. Fail to respond positively at all. But you know what? It's okay. More on this another time.

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