10 Ways to Reset My Day

Sometimes, I just start yelling. I know. I shouldn't. 
Sometimes, I exert appropriate self-control, but I'm still awfully grumpy.

Why I am Grumpy
This picture doesn't do justice to the depth of that book pile.
Sometimes, people in my house are at each other's throats for no particular reason. 
Sometimes, we need a reset. Here are some things I can do: 

1) Pray. That's probably a more helpful thing to recommend. I've found God can quickly give me perspective that I need. Even if it's just "Remember that I love them." I will sometimes remember a helpful Bible verse that gives me just the strength to continue also. "Let us not grow weary in doing good; for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up..."
2) Turn on some music that I love. Try not to hear anyone else as they complain about it. Sing loud. I prefer Rich Mullins, because I already know all the words, and they speak good things to my heart.
3) Act like it is a big secret, and invite my people to join me in munching a cookie in the closet. Or chocolate chips. Or a carrot. I suppose that would be better long-term, but clearly less effective.
4) Stop everything and go outside together. Get dirty. Then go to #7. 
5) Stop everything and snuggle. When the people start fighting over which piece of me they should be on or next to, that can be exasperating. But occasionally, this works. I include it because when it does work, it's really sweet and beautiful.  
6) Stop everything and read aloud. The same caveat applies to this as to #5. 
7) Give a person or two a bath. 
8) Tickle someone. 
9) If I am feeling ambitious, grab any handy food and eat it outside. Now I am having a picnic, and I am winning at life. I might even have my people come out, too. ;)
10) Find a friend and flee to her. To me, scrapping the original plan in favor or sitting and chatting with someone is a great fix. 


  1. Glad we did #10 yesterday.. and glad we have another one in the works! 2 weeks until we take a Christmas break and I am counting down the days and that makes the marathon math sessions bearable!

  2. I need to remember to do #1 first when I need a reset instead of turning to other things or people before stopping to pray. Thanks for the reminder! I recently started blogging again too (melissasuejones.wordpress.com). Feel free to stop by, and keep up the great posts!

    1. Thanks for reading, Melissa! Yes, I think #1 is most effective when actually done!