Real life with a Toddler

Wait! What's that silence?
Rosie's in the toilet. Again. 

She's splashing in the water and feeding gobs of toilet paper into it, then putting the wet stuff on the floor. 

She's getting her own drink with a cup (clever girl!) out of the toilet bowl.

She's brushing her teeth with her big brother's toothbrush...using the yellow water. 

She's waving around the gross toilet-cleaning brush since I'm holding the lid down with my foot while I brush my own teeth.

Sigh. I meant well. I didn't mean for my toddler to scrub her teeth with urine. 

It could be that I should be more diligent in knowing The Little One's whereabouts at every moment. But I'm paying attention to other things--other small people, other chores, or ...yes.... my smart phone. It could be I should have more precautionary gadgets in the house for this. I have a baby gate across the stairs, but somebody forgets to shut it. I could put a lock on the toilet, but then somebody else is likely to pee his pants. 

So, I try to keep the doors shut. I try to keep the gate shut. I remind people to flush, and do extra flushing myself. And when there's silence, the first thing I do is shout, "Where's Rosie?" and go to the bathrooms.

I mean well. She's fed; she's loved; she's ok. Even if she's in the toilet sometimes.